First You Smile, Then You Resign??

Chess is a very complicated game that requires utmost concentration. Therefore most of the time chess players have a very serious facial expression. I doubt that a fianchettoed bishop or a semi-open file would make many people laugh. Yet there is a certain positional element that inevitably makes chess players smile. Regardless of the rating or age, chess players start grinning whenever such a situation appears on a chessboard. I am talking about tripled pawns. I remember the first time I had tripled pawns in my game. I was a little kid who cared more about joy of playing chess rather than the result of the game. So when my opponent threatened to triple my pawns I didn't prevent it, thinking lets just see what happens. Indeed, I had never seen such positions before and was curious to try something new. I dont remember the exact moves, but I believe that the game started like this: